Interactive Media and Social Media. What’s the Difference?

Interactive media. Text, pictures, animation, and audio, brought together as a form of digital media in a computerized environment where a person is able to become a part of it and can control a certain level of data so long as the purpose of their interaction is behind the well established line that separates the user from the editor.  Access to these forms of media typically come from three forms of communication. The internet, telecommunication, and digital television with which a user is able to establish a connection to the internet from.

Social media. Vlogs, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter. All forms of media which are not used in the form of a single user, but rather as a multi-user style media where users can interact with the site, publish content, and share with people what they have done.  Social media is open to world and can typically be accessed by nearly anyone around the world, it’s all social.  Facebook is a big part of this social media ‘outbreak’ having one of the largest user bases out there with an unprecedented number of users sharing information to the world everyday.

In comparison, interactive media and social media both share the interactive user base.  Anyone can access and use both forms of media to their pleasure and receive proper feedback from whatever device they’re accessing, respectively. In contrast, social media is the form of media where people can go to share and learn various things from various people all around the world on a social standpoint. Unlike interactive media, where media is used and learned but not shared with the world.

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